Your Questions

The Debates will be run along the lines of  BBC’s “Question Time” where questions from the audience will be introduced from the chair and the panel invited to reply.

We anticipate a total of 10 – 12 questions to be asked in the time available.

At previous events a total of 50 – 60 questions were received in advance, to reduce this to a short list, an editorial committee drawn from the community councils of Balerno, Juniper Green and Curries plus a representative from the Currie and Balerno News  will will convene 48 hours before the events to review the questions for the candidates and draw up a running order of 15 questions which will be put to the candidates on the nigh. The editorial committee will endeavour to present the balance of the voters concerns in their deliberations.

Please record your question / s for the candidate in the comments box below, the editorial committee will notify the persons chosen to put their questions to the candidates 24 hour prior to the event:

The questions submitted will remain ‘invisible’ until after the hustings event.

Feel free to add a “tag” to your question, this will be used to indicate the levels of interest in any given subject / question /party to help the editorial process.


2 Comments on “Your Questions”

  1. If you have a question for the candidates please enter your question in the comments box below.

    • Kevin Kealy says:

      As a Candidate what are your ambitions for the city of Edinburgh and what is your plan to realise that ambition, to each candidate.

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